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Structure of Company Management
The Mechanism of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Company consists of 7 directors, 3 of whom are independent directors. The Board of Directors contains the Strategy Committee, the Nomination and Company Management Committee, the Salary and Assessment Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee. Three independent directors are chosen respectively for the Chairmen of Nomination and Company Management Committee, the Salary and Assessment Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee, and the members of the three important professional committees are mainly independent directors. When it comes to major productions and operation decisions, foreign investments, nominations of senior executives and their salaries and appraisals, or internal audits and other matters, the independent directors learn about the facts through interviews or telephone conversations with relevant personnel, reviewing relevant materials in advance and consulting with the board offices to make prudent decisions using their expertise, airing independent opinions and playing an important role in supervision and consultation. The directors of the company, in accordance with the rights conferred by relevant laws and regulations and the Procedures Rule for the Board of Directors, faithfully, honestly and diligently exercise their rights and perform their obligations.
Responsibilities of Specialized Committees under the Board of Directors

The Sustainable Development Committee of Sinochem International is responsible for formulating the sustainable development goals and plans, supervising the operation of sustainable development systems of each business sector, and providing suggestions and plans for improving the sustainable development performance; responsible for strengthening the company's decision-making and supervision ability and managing inappropriate employee behavior to avoid controversial misconduct. The Board of Directors deliberated and passed the Working Rules on Sustainable Development Committee of Sinochem International to enhance the overall level of sustainable development management.


The Strategy Committee is responsible for studying long-term development strategies and major investment decisions as well as proposing suggestions.


The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for studying the criteria and procedures for the selection of directors and senior management and proposing suggestions, selecting qualified candidates and checking the qualifications of candidates for director and senior management positions and proposing suggestions.


The Remuneration and Assessment Committee is responsible for studying assessment criteria for directors and senior management, carrying out assessment and proposing suggestions, and studying and examining remuneration policies and plans for directors and senior management positions.


The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for supervising and evaluating external audits, proposing to hire or replace external audit agencies, supervising and evaluating internal audits, coordinating internal and external audits, auditing financial information and its disclosure, supervising and evaluating internal control of the Company, and covering other matters authorized by laws, regulations, articles of association, and the Board of Directors.

Director Profiles
  • Yang Hua
    Born in 1961. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in petroleum production engineering from the Petroleum Engineering Department of China University of Petroleum (East China), a master's degree in business administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a Sloan Fellow at MIT, and a professor-level senior economist. He served as the manager of the oilfield development department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Research Center, the deputy chief geologist and deputy manager at the overseas development department and general manager of Overseas Oil and Gas Co., Ltd. of CNOOC, the senior vice president, chief financial officer, president, CEO and vice chairman at CNOOC Limited, the assistant general manager, deputy general manager, party committee member, board director, general manager, chairman, and party committee secretary at CNOOC, the chairman and CEO at CNOOC Limited, and the chairman and party committee secretary at CNOOC group. Currently the deputy party committee secretary, board director and general manager of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd., Chairman of Sinochem International.
  • Yang Lin
    Board Director
    Born in 1964. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Tianjin Business University and studied business management at the University of Stuttgart, Germany from 1990 to 1993. Previously worked at the Beijing Cadre Institute of Business Management as well as Siemens and Wera, the two German companies. Joined Sinochem in 1994 and has served as Deputy General Manager of the Finance Department, General Manager of the Fund Management Department, Deputy Chief Accountant of Sinochem Group, and Deputy Director of Finance of Sinochem and concurrently held the role of Deputy General Manager of the Investment and Development Department. Currently the Chief Accountant of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd., President of the Financial Division, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee and Finance Director of Sinochem Co., Ltd. and director of the company.
  • Liu Hongsheng
    Board Director, General Manager
    Born in 1966. Obtained a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Peking University, and an EMBA degree from Shanghai Maritime University. Previously served as section member and deputy division head of Personnel Department of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and first secretary of Commercial Counsellor's Office at Chinese Embassy in Thailand. Joined Sinochem International in 2000, and successively served as office director of the company, general manager of Sinochem Warehouse Co., Ltd., general manager of Executive Department, vice general manager of Logistics Business Division and general manager of ISO Tank Business Division, general manager of Logistics Business Division, vice general manager of Sinochem International and general manager of Logistics Company. Currently serves as director of the Board, general manager and secretary of CPC Committee of Sinochem International.
  • Cheng Xiaoxi 
    Board Director, Vice General Manager
    Born in 1960. Obtained a bachelor's degree in Chemicals Automation and Instrumentation from Nanjing University of Chemical Technology, and an EMBA degree from Nanjing University. Previously served as technician of Engineering Section, deputy director and director of Workshop III, section manager of Production Section, and vice factory manager of Yangzhou Pesticide Factory; director and executive vice general manager, director, general manager, deputy chairman and party secretary of Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.. Currently serves as board director, vice general manager and member of CPC Committee in Sinochem International.
  • Yu Dahai
    Independent director
    German-Chinese born in 1961. Graduated with a Ph.D from the Chemistry Department of the University of Hamburg, Germany. He joined Degussa in 1990 and served as Director of Strategic Development and Finance of Industrial and Fine Chemicals Division, Director of Agrochemicals and Intermediates Division, CEO of Greater China and Member of Evonik's Global Executive Board. In October 2006, he became Chairman and CEO of Evonik (China) Co., Ltd. and President of Evonik Greater China. In April 2011, he joined Evonik's Global Executive Board and became a member of Evonik's global core management team. In December 2013, he left Evonik for personal reasons. Currently an independent director of the company, Chairman of Dr. Yan Consulting and Investment Company, operating partner of Anhong Capital, consultant to Temasek International, President of Lehmann & Voss council committee.
  • Xu Yongqian
    Independent director
    Born in 1967. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in laws from Fudan University. Worked as a legal adviser to Shandong Marine Chemical Corporation of CNOOC from 1989 to 1996, an employee at Shandong Qiushi Law Firm from 1996 to 1999, and an employee at Beijing Dentons Law Firm since 1999. Currently a senior partner and lawyer at Beijing Dentons Law Firm, a member of the Education Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, and deputy director of Risk Management Committee of China Standardization Innovation Strategy Alliance. Xu works as independent director of several listed companies including Hebei Xuangong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hainan Mining. He is currently an independent director of the eighth Board of Directors and the president of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of Sinochem International.
  • Xu Jingchang
    Independent director
    Born in 1965, Mr. Xu Jingchang is a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of the Renmin University of China. He is also a renowned accountant recognized by the Ministry of Finance, member of China Accounting Standards Committee, member and convener of the Fourth and Fifth Merger and Reorganization Examination Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission, director of the Accounting Society of China, vice chairman of the Professional Committee of Basic Accountancy, vice chairman of the Professional Accounting Committee of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, member of the Accounting Advisory Committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, standing director of the Banking Accounting Society of China, and independent director of HNA Holdings and Qihoo 360. He currently serves as the independent director of the 8th Board of Directors and chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of Sinochem International.
The mechanism of the Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee of the company has three members, including two shareholders' representative supervisors and one employees' representative supervisor who was elected by the company's congress of workers and staff in accordance with relevant regulations. The day-to-day work of the Supervisory Committee includes diligently and conscientiously reviewing the company's quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial statements and other matters and making audit opinions in written form; supervising the actions to fulfill duties of the company's directors and senior managers and supervising the company's major investments and major financial decisions.
Supervisor profiles
  • Zhang Baohong
    Chairman of Supervisory Committee
    Born in 1966. A Ph.D. in Management from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Rich experience in corporate risk and compliance management, with certificates in senior risk management and internal control. Served as consultant for the 3rd Corporate Internal Control Standards Committee of the Ministry of Finance, and a member of the National Risk Management Standardization Technical Committee. Joined Sinochem in 1988 and has served as Deputy General Manager of the Sinochem International Fertilizer Trading Company, Deputy Director of the Fertilizer Center, Executive Vice President of Sinochem Blue Sky, General Manager of the Risk Management Department of Sinochem Co., Ltd., Member of the Party Group Discipline Inspection Commission, Director of the Audit Compliance Department, Secretary of the Party Group, Chief of Staff and Director of the General Office. Currently the employees' representative supervisor of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Party Group, Board Secretary, Director of the General Office and Chairman of Supervisory Committee.
  • Zhou Min
    Born in 1975. Dual bachelor's degrees in organic chemical technology and technical economics from Tianjin University. Joined Sinochem in 1997 and has served as GM assistant and deputy General Manager of Beinongkangdi of the Sinochem Group's Investment Department, Manager of the Project Development and Investment Departments, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Hebei, Deputy General Manager of the Strategic Planning Department of China Sinochem Corporation/China Sinochem Co., Ltd. Currently the Deputy Director of the Innovation and Strategy Department of China Sinochem Corporation and Supervisor of the Company.
  • Zhuang Yan
    Employee supervisor
    Female. Born in 1974. Chinese. College degree in Science and Technology English of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Worked as an on-site trading representative of Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd. on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and was responsible for the company's B-share trading and clearing work. Joined Sinochem International in 2004 and has been engaged in board administration and securities affairs in the Board Office. Currently a corporate governance manager and a member of the auditing committee of the corporate labor union.
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